Core-Shell Column

SunShell column has not only an inert surface due to inactivated silanol groups. but also high stability because Sunniest end-capping improved for core shell silica was done.

SunShell 2.6um column can be used on both HPLC and UHPLC because it shows 2 times lower back pressure than sub 2um column.

SunShell C18 2.6um sized 100x4.6mm has the same performance as a totally porous C18 5um sized 250x4.6mm, so that the same separation can be achieved by both columns without changing the separation condition consequently analysis time reduces one third.

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Totally porous and high durable column

SunArmor can be used at pH range of a mobile phase between 2 to 12. This is almost same durability to compare with a hybrid C18s column.

Furthermore SunArmor C18 shows better shape for acidic, basic and metal chelating compounds than the other hybrid C18 because of little residual silanol groups.

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Totally porous column

Sunniest series achieved the perfect end-capping by own end-capping method developed.

This column achieves high durability under acidic and basic pH conditions by the deactivation of residual silanol groups.

This series have Sunniest C18-HT 2um particle.

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Totally porous column

It is HPLC column series with a different selectivity to compare with a conventional end-capped column.

Sunrise C18-SAC column shows a separation of basic compounds with non-tailing by silanol activity control technology although the end-capping is not done.

Activity controlled silanol groups leads unique separation which can not achieve by a conventional end-capped C18.

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Guard filter / Guard column

  • Sunniest GuardCartrige

    Cartridge-type guard column packed with 5 μm Sunniest particles.

    SunShell RP Guard Filter

    LLow pressure loss and low dead volume guard filter that consists of monolithic glass filter bonded with C18 and end-capped.

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