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2022/06/08 Information

Chromanik Technologies will be exhibiting at HPLC2022.
Poster presentations will be given with the following contents.

Poster Session – 1 Monday at 1:45 – 3:45 PM in the Exhibition Hall P-M-0100: Column Technology

P-M-112 Evaluation of Retention Behavior and Stability of a Novel Trifunctional Biphenyl Phase

Norkazu Nagae, Tomoyasu Tuskamoto,
Chromanik Technologies, Osaka, JAPAN; Scott Silver, Pyvot, New York, NY, USA

P-M-113 A Novel End-capping for Reversed Phase for LC/MS

Etusko Shearer, BioNik Inc., Fuji, JAPAN; Norikazu Nagae, Tomoyasu Tsukamoto,
Chromanik Technologies, Osaka, JAPAN